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OS Installation

Download Ubuntu server.

Step One: Language

Select English

We just need the English language installed.

Step Two: Keyboard

Select English (UK)

We just need the English kayboard installed.

Step Three: OS Selection

Install Ubuntu

Just install the normal Ubuntu OS.

Step Four: Network

Verify settings

The default value should be fine.

Step Five: Proxy

No Proxy

We don’t need a proxy setup.

Step Six: Mirrors

Default Mirror

The default Ubuntu mirror is fine.

Step Seven: File System

Use Entire Disk

Just use the entire disk.

Step Eight: Disk Selection

Internal Disk

Select the internal disk.

Step Nine: Partition Selection

Default Partitioning

Let Ubuntu decide how it wants to partition up the disk; the default values are fine.

Step Ten: Profile

Typical Details

The typial profile details will suffice here. Just ensure the server name is set correctly.

Step Eleven: Snaps

No Snaps

We’re not using a container based environment yet; this will come in a later release.

Step Twelve: Reboot


All done; just reboot the system now and remove the installation media.

Server Setup

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